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Mini Opera Sports – Your Gateway To Sports

Opera Mini Sports

Opera Mini is a light mobile web browser created by the Opera Software AS, a Norwegian company, which is mostly known for it desktop base Opera Browser. The opera mini has been the most used mobile browser prior to era of Android  It boast of its light weight meaning it does not consume much data.

It has been the browser most people use to access their sports news and fixtures and scorelines online.

mini opera sports news

The browser is available for Android from the following links

Download Opera Mini     Direct Download

The opera mini has the following features, the developers boast of.

  • It comes with a native ad blocker that automatically blocks on any website you visit. You have the liberty to read articles with no or few ads. It helps the browser loads the pages faster giving the user the best user experience. It also helps the user to save data looking at the increasing high cost of data charges.
  • Loads faster. It does not only blocks ads, but also compresses the data of the visiting pages before rendering the pages to the user. For instance, if the total page volume is say 2MB, Opera mini will reduce the it almost half thus 1MB. It is best for people with slow connections as much of the data is compressed before reaching you, the user.
  • It has great options to save more data and the user has the ability to adjust and monitor his data consumption trend.
  • Night Mode: This awesome feature available on the Opera mini gives the user to adjust or totally switch to night mode and save your eyes. It enables reading in the night comfortable and enjoyable. It has also the ability to switch eye strain on and off.
  • Synchronizing: It has the ability to sync your account across all Opera browsers. Simply create an account and sync your account, with this you have all your bookmarked pages saved and accessible online anywhere.
  • It has predefined websites for find up to date sports news. At the homepage it has a link to the world’s number scoreboard for sports, which helps users to catch up with latest scores in the top leagues and competitions around the whole worldwide. With this app, mini opera sport, you have the sports activities live in your palm in a second away.

Opera mini sports

Another app from the same developers is the number one light weight News portal including sports. It aggregates all the news around the world in one app for users’ pleasures. It has been categorized in the various sections, so if you are football or generally sports fan, you can configure the app such that, your favorite clubs news show up.

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It has great sports section. The mini opera sports app is awesome when it comes to sports news around the world. You have all the major European leagues right in your hand. You see live results of your favorite matches and can follow your preferred teams.

It is country adaptable, as such some local news too will be available to you depending on where you are accessing the app from. For instance, if you are in Germany, you will also receive local news in Germany.

After downloading the app from the respective play store (Download links available down there).

Android Opera News   iOS Opera News    Direct Download
  • A dialogue box will appear asking you to select and configure the league you want to follow, the club and click on OK
  • You can do for the rest of the major leagues available and from each choose your favorite club.
  • After that click on OK. You are ready to go.
  • Tip: If you are very sensitive about your data usage, click on Me button at the down right corner of the app an make sure the “data savings” is enabled.
  • You also have the option to download an entire latest news and read it later using the opera mini sports news app inbuilt feature “Offline reading

If you want the best sports news and light weight that helps you save more data and more money then look nowhere and download the apps using the links above to have fun and enjoy a full fun with less stress.

If you have any recommendations or feedback, use the comment box below and chat with manager of the site. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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MINI OpERA Sports – The best.

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